Scott Libby founded Royal River Heat Pumps to provide a professional option to the homeowners and businesses owners of the Royal River area.  By utilizing over 28 years of experience and training in the HVAC industry Scott has the knowledge, experience, and creativity to provide a solution that is custom tailored to fit the needs of any home or business.

wall_unit_500Scott knows that technology in the HVAC business is constantly improving and that, to stay ahead of the curve, training is essential.  Scott has been attending HVAC related training for longer than others have been in the business.

Scott’s knowledge, experience, and creativity have allowed him to convert his 1830’s farmhouse to one that utilizes many heat pump technologies to provide all of its heating and air conditioning.  Many years have been spent replacing single pane windows, adding new insulation and an energy recovery ventilator.  A geothermal heat pump provides all of the heat and 70% of the domestic hot water.  A single zoned, air source heat pump heats the ell and a heat pump water heater makes the hot water during the shoulder seasons, when the geothermal system is not running.  These systems have amounted to huge savings in heating and cooling Scott’s home, while lowering the carbon footprint of the home by close to 70%.  His career focus is to make his skills available to others to save energy and reduce their impacts on the planet.

Scott’s passions include skiing in the Maine Mountains during the winter and launching his boat on the Royal River on the summer weekends.  He knows that everything that happens between when the snow melts from the mountains, to when it finally reaches Casco Bay, has a lasting effect on the place where we all live.  We, and our children, will live with what we create and/or destroy.  Scott keeps this in mind with every HVAC system he designs and installs.

Scott established Royal River Heat Pumps to build a company that employs local HVAC technicians and support staff that share in his values, so that real value can be shared with our valued customers, our families, and our community.