Is 3D printing going to be the new normal?

3D printing has truly arrived. We’ve already seen the medical industry’s revolution begin with affordable prosthetics, and we are on the verge of printing functional human body parts. Indeed, 3D printing has already begun influencing almost every industry – automotive, entertainment, wearables, even the funeral industry. The building industry is no exception. At first, individual building… Continue Reading

Remote Controls

When you have a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump installed by Royal River Heat Pumps, Scott teaches you how to use the remote controls step-by-step. If you weren’t walked through the steps by your installer, this video helps shed some light on the various ways you can control your heat pump. There are many options, and… Continue Reading

Diamond Contractor Elite

Royal River Heat Pumps has always proudly been a part of Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Contractor system. The system began 23 years ago to help homeowners ensure they are getting qualified installers. Mitsubishi defines diamond contractors as, “independent dealers with the highest level of accreditation, training, and hands-on expertise who have invested time to professionally develop… Continue Reading

Heat Pumps 101

Royal River Heat Pumps opened a showroom in order to help potential customers get a better understanding of all the aspects of a heat pump and the installation process. However we understand that it’s not always possible to come and see us, so we have created a number of videos highlighting various aspects of a… Continue Reading

Q&A With Scott

The Sunriseguide conducted a Q&A with Scott highlighting some common questions homeowners have about heat pumps. Read the interview bellow.   SRG: What is a heat pump and why are they so popular right now? SL: The technical name for a heat pump is a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner. So, essentially, they are air conditioners that… Continue Reading

Driving the Heat Pump Train

Royal River Heat Pumps has installed heat pumps in hundreds of homes and we often think that we have seen every challenge there is. However, we always seem to find homes that present a unique obstacle or fascinating feature that must be taken into consideration in order to complete the installation successfully. On a recent… Continue Reading

10 Tips for Hiring a Heating and Cooling Contractor

As the temperature rises outside, it’s time for you to cool down your home or business. The contractor you choose to welcome into your home or business and install a heat pump can make or break the whole experience. Luckily Energy Star has put together 10 great tips for hiring a heating and cooling contractor. The… Continue Reading