Trailblazer Challenge Update

Royal River Heat Pumps is proud to support Make a Wish and the Trailblaze Challenge. Make a Wish has filled all the available participant slots for the 2021 Trailblaze Challenge! The Trailblaze Challenge is a 23.4-mile hike where participants can tackle the terrain of the Maine Hut Trail – all in one amazing day. They had an fantastic response and the most attendees ever to attend the info sessions during the month of May. The funds raised by this year’s hikers will have a life-changing impact for dozens of kids throughout Maine in the form of many wishes come true!

For more information or to donate please visit their website


Scotland and The Netherlands Massive Heat Pumps Plans

According to this article Scotland is planning an initiative to put heat pumps in at least one million homes and 50,000 businesses by 2030. The Netherlands is planning on two million hybrid heat pumps by 2030 by installing at least 100,000 per year starting in 2024. These goals will help create the necessary volume to promote price reductions. In the Netherlands, hybrid heat pumps save homeowners up to 70% on natural gas consumption for heating. A heat pump works like a refrigerator and can be powered by solar and wind energy. To heat a building, a heat pump extracts energy from outside air and converts it to heat for the building. In summer, the heat pump runs in reverse and takes energy from the room and moves that heat outside, efficiently cooling your home or business.


New Energy Star Standards

The White House has announced that the government is going to develop “building performance standards” for federal buildings and establish new Energy Star standards for heat pumps. This is all part of the White House agenda to achieve 100 percent clean electricity by 2035. According to this article from the Washington Post, Jeffrey Schub, Executive Director of the Coalition for Green Capital, said “The need for heat pumps is clear. Electric heat pumps are the key central technology for decarbonizing buildings, especially households.”

Installing electric heat pumps in place of a gas furnace and gas water heater could reduce heating emissions by more than 45 percent over the next 10 years. That’s like cutting your car’s carbon pollution by more than half, according to his article from Sierra Club.


Efficiency Maine Rebate Changes

Effective 5/1/2021 Efficiency Maine is reducing heat pump rebates by 20% due to their limited budget.

  • Tier 1 first indoor units will be $400
  • Tier 1 second indoor units will be $200
  • Tier 2 first indoor units will be $800
  • Tier 2 second indoor units will be $400

Rebates for installations after 5/1/2021 must be claimed within 90 days of the installation. 

Heat Pumps that were quoted prior to 5/1/2021 and installed by 7/31/2021 are grandfathered.