Residential Heat Pump Installation

heat_pump_installationExisting Homes

A large percentage of our work is integrating ductless heat pumps into people’s homes. A Residential Heat Pump may be used to offset more expensive heating options like oil, propane, or even natural gas. Reducing the use of your existing heating system can prolong the life of that system. Once a heat pump is installed, your existing system can be used as a backup or in emergency situations like power outages. Heat pumps are also very popular for hard to heat areas, like bonus rooms, sun-rooms, and other areas that are more difficult for heat to access. Some of the main concerns for our customers are cooling and/or dehumidifying. Ductless heat pumps allow you to do this without existing duct work or going through the expense and difficulty of adding it.

New Construction

Royal River Heat Pumps is seeing an ever increasing number of new homes that are to be heated and cooled with ductless heat pumps. These new homes have the benefit of adding insulation and windows that far exceed the minimum code requirements. As a result, you end up with a highly efficient home that has very low heating and cooling requirements and very affordable operating costs for years to come. Investing money in insulation and windows cost more up front, but it lowers the size of the heating system needed. This smaller heating system can often offset the initial cost of the building envelope. Royal River Heat Pumps performs load calculations to determine the size of a Residential Heat Pump needed and estimate your operation cost. We also sometimes have to provide estimates for gas and oil systems and project their operation costs. The ductless, inverter driven heat pumps always win and so do the homeowners!