We are a Registered Vendor with Efficiency Maine and there are several types of rebates offered, but the best way to know exactly what your new system will qualify for is to schedule an appointment with one of our expert designers by calling us at 207-400-4065. There is no cost for a site visit, and our designer will send you a quote that lists the amount of the qualifying rebate.

Once your system has been installed and paid for we will prepare the rebate paperwork, request your signature, and then submit the rebate paperwork on your behalf. Efficiency Maine will mail the rebate check directly to you.

Our goal is to provide 5-star service in everything that we do.


Heat pump rebates range from $250 to as much as $1,500.00.


Commercial Incentives start at $500 for one single zone system, and if you are a “Small General Service” (SGS) or “Small Service” (SS) electric customer you may qualify for more.