Driving the Heat Pump Train

Royal River Heat Pumps has installed heat pumps in hundreds of homes and we often think that we have seen every challenge there is. However, we always seem to find homes that present a unique obstacle or fascinating feature that must be taken into consideration in order to complete the installation successfully. On a recent installation we encountered a new obstacle and one we may never see again; A model railroad. The masterpiece that spanned across almost the whole basement was 18 years in the making with most likely another 18 years to go. It was critical that we in no way damaged so much hard work during the installation process.

Our crew had to run electrical wire through the false ceiling above the railroad with limited space to move. Royal River Heat Pumps takes extra care to ensure that your space looks as though we never even stepped foot in your house. We want to make your life easier by installing a air source heat pump, not harder by leaving the cleanup to you. This installation was no exception. The homeowners were extremely impressed with how the crew worked flawlessly around the railroad and throughout the rest of the house.

Check out some photos of the model railroad and read what the homeowner had to say about the installation bellow!

“Just a note of thanks for your kind and efficient assistance in the design and installation of our heat pump system.  The work was done quickly and the cleanup efforts belied the fact that anyone had been there. The installation was not complex when compared to many other projects with the exception that a portion of the work had to be accomplished working around and over a sizable model railroad that occupies a major part of the basement.  It was necessary to access the false ceiling above the railroad to install the power supply to the heat pump.  In addition, movement was restricted to the aisles between sections of the road.  Not a leaf or tree or piece of the railroad’s sizable collection of equipment was disturbed – a significant accomplishment!” ~ Ralph and Anne N.

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